Using Zircoa s tongue and groove brick eliminates line of sight radiation, and adds physical stability to the structureRings and circles, with an ID as small as 6

Ring Calculator for 2” High Tongue and Groove Refractory Brick Rings up to ” in Diameter2 high, Straight Zircoa Tongue and Groove Brick Straight2 high

Zircoa s tongue and groove bricks are designed for the building of self supporting structuresTheir design and calcia or yttria stabilized zirconia composition.

Refractories and ceramics based upon Zirconium Oxide, Zirconia, ZrO2 and Aluminum Oxide, Alumina, Al2O3.

Tongue and Groove Refractory Brick Bricks for Insulation and Glass Contact — Designed for the building of structures without mortarIdeal for high temperature

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Zircoa, Inc(Solon, Ohio USA) accepts transfer of all Zircoa product business activities from DIDIER Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (Wiesbaden GERMANY) and with

An innovator of zirconia products for metal, chemical, electronic and glass industries where resistance to extreme temperature and wear is required.

Engineered to extrude non ferrous alloys such as Copper, Copper Nickel, Brass, and other Copper Alloy shapes from ( ID to .4mm (6.0in) OD

Results 1 of extrusions, bricks, posts, plates, crucibles, tongue groove shapes, bubble based insulating or glass contact zirconia Zircoa Solon, OH.